Credit repair is a method to help people who are in debt. Unethical companies engaged in credit repair will reach out to your creditors and try to find loopholes to mask the problem. In life there are no shortcuts and there won’t always be easy ways to get out of your debt. Additionally these companies may exacerbate your debt problem as your account balances will increase during this time, which more often than not fails. Companies that participate in ethical credit repair may help you fix erroneous entries on your credit report, or request that negative blemishes be removed. In either case, credit repair is not the most efficient nor effective way to help people get out of debt. Credit repair is mainly designed to help people who may need some small fixes to their FICO score.

Debt settlement on the other hand will provide a clear, concise and customized plan to help you get out of debt. It’s what we do! We will help you know the best path to take and will spell out the steps to help you achieve your financial freedom.