Basic Financial Counseling

The economy is never stable and source of most money problems comes from insufficient income and poor money management. With the introduction of credit (debt) no matter how much money you make, if you can’t learn to manage your expenses and spending, you will continue going into debt.

This is where one of our financial counselors can help. When you receive your first complementary, private session with one of our experts by phone, online or in-person – you will receive a good idea of what our firm can do for your financial future. We will review your income, assets, expenses, and debt to help determine the most realistic and affective strategy to improve your credit and reduce your debt. An average consultation ranges anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes.

At Debt Settlement US you will be assigned a dedicated representative that will mentor you through the whole process, not just one meeting. Consider this person as your personal consultant and a friend. Their goal is to build trust, and teach you how to properly manage your debt.

Through our many years and clients we have studied, researched, and developed industry-leading techniques that we constantly update and change. These techniques evolve with the world and economy to give our clients the best tools and the highest probability of success.

If you decide to partner with Debt Settlement US and work with one of our dedicated representatives, you not only get our advice but our experience and reputation. Our National Reputation and Excellent service has helped us build an amazing relationship with most creditors. We help by reducing or eliminating interest and late fees on your debt. That will differently help you get back on track.

Consolidation of Debt and Payments

As a valued member of our community, you will gain the benefit of making one payment to us each month. After the analyses of your situation we will develop a customized budget for repayment and take care of everything else. We will use and send these funds to your creditors to repay according to the plan. With this action plan for the future, we will help you get on top of your debt, organize your spending, and explain your options.

We want to help you get free and clear from your debt. Always remember education is the key to a strong and healthy financial future.