Debt Relief

Debt Relief

Debt Relief is the partial or total forgiveness of debt. There are many online and governmental programs that help your debt disappear. The consultants at Debt Settlement US have developed professional relationships with a majority of these programs.

Personal Debt has become a very big issue in the USA. With such large debt obligations, many individuals find it hard to keep up.

The History: Debt Relief and Debt Forgiveness.

Debt Relief has existed in every culture and society. In the Ancients Athens, 6th Century BCE, lawmakers instituted a set of laws called “seisachtheia”. These laws canceled all debts and retroactively canceled previous debts. This tradition of helping the general public under certain circumstances has been around forever.

In the United States we have a very similar law. As long as Chapter 7 Bankruptcy debt relief exists, all credit card companies must do their part and in their interest to help the public pay off their debt. Even without Bankruptcy it’s in the credit cards best interest to assist the card holders to repay debts and recover their loan.

Here at Debt Settlement US we understand the law, the techniques, and the economy to help our clients recover from their debt. We act as your representatives to your creditors and help negotiate and settle your debt. We can help our customers get debt relief for; credit card debts, debts in collection, debts with pending lawsuits, unsecured personal loans, unsecured lines of credit, certain commercial debts, and certain secured debts.

Our Program

Our debt relief program is designed to help our customers get the best help, tools and service to get out of debt. We do this by reducing and negotiating the amount of debt actually owed. We know that this process is hard but getting out of debt for anyone is possible.

We understand the stress associated with debt and the burden it can have on your happiness, health, jobs and relationships. That’s why we at Debt Settlement US strive to help our customers get Debt Free.